Getting out of a funk

Let the fresh air fill the room, let the sunshine brighten your darkness, and let the new day hold possibility of a better day then the one before.

I have been stuck in a funk, where bed seems more inviting then exploring my surroundings, where silent mode on my phone sounds much better then messaging someone back. I’ve been secluding myself from the outside world and trying to get back to the real world seems hard when you’ve been away for awhile.

It can be hard to shake that want to hide away from the world but I promise you you’ll be ten thousand times happier when you surround yourself with good vibes and lovely people. I haven’t got it all worked out but I have a few hints on how to get out of your funk and embrace the happiness in life.

  1. Open your window. Seriously, open it right now. (Unless there is a major snow storm or sideways rain then maybe keep it that shit shut up) Getting fresh air into your room and lungs refreshes the soul and natural light filling a room lifts the spirits. Also fresh airs smells much nicer than your shut off room after you’ve been in there for days of binge watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix.
  2. Actually go outside. Get that Vitamin D, bask in the sunshine, marvel at the blue skies. Or even if the weather isn’t so wonderfully summery (ahem you’re living in Northern England and the sky is generally 50 shades of grey?) going outside all bundled up and breathing in the fresh air helps clear the fog from your head. I always find a short walk around the park puts me in a much better mood. You just need to take the first steps outside.
  3. Speaking of walking. Exercise. Now I am not one to exercise, I hate the idea of it and generally the actual doing of it but after I feel like a new person. I should take this advice more but I don’t.  I find doing a class of yoga to be one of the best things you can do for yourself physically and more so mentally. There are heaps of Yoga classes available on Youtube so take advantage of the digital age we live in and use it to better yourself.
  4. Turn your laptop and phone off (after using them to do a yoga class of course). One of my favourite blogger/youtuber Hannah Maggs started what she called the Blackout Project with her husband where they would turn all technology off for an evening and just be. I need to do this more often rather than fall asleep on my macbook after watching hours of youtube.
  5. Read a book. I don’t read enough and when I do they are generally very predictable romance novels but whatever. The simple pleasure of reading a physical book is a wonderful and one I take for granted in a digital age. Read what makes you happy, what makes you hopeful, filled with love, and fills you with dreams. Read to better yourself and expand your mind. Better yet take the book outside and read it in a park or in a cafe over countless cups of coffee. (I’m craving coffee far too much for 2am)
  6. You are what you eat. Change up your cooking, make sure you are eating as much good stuff as you physically can. Cut out processed sugars and unnatural nastiness as much as possible. You’ll be surprised how much this affects your mood. Eat the rainbow of fruit and veggies not just Skittles.
  7. Take it slow. You’re not just going to wake up one day and suddenly everything will be perfect. But it will get better each day. Write lists of things you want to achieve, keep them small and achievable and reward yourself. Putting pen to paper writing lists will show that everything is achievable when you break it down into smaller steps.
  8. Be proud of yourself everyday for what you achieve. It may feel a little silly at times but you should be proud of yourself for everything you do. Don’t be afraid to pep yourself up with a few words of encouragement to yourself, just maybe don’t say it out loud (unless you’re alone) as people may look at you a little strangely.
  9. Surround yourself with good people. People should bring you up and remind you that you are a special wonderful human being, not make you feel awkward and insecure. You’re better off solo than with people who bring you down.
  10. Smile. Even if it’s just at a stupid GIF on tumblr. Let yourself feel that joy and let that joy fill you up.

I feel I’m writing this more so I can remind myself what I need to do when I’m feeling down but if it helps anyone else in the slightest then that is ace.

I hope your day is just as lovely as you,

-Mairead x


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